view northwest Spokane Edition September 1, 2007 Q Debut Issue! A Conversation with Chief Kirkpatrick Charming and fiesty, City of Spokane's Chief of Police Anne Kirkpatrick talks about homosexuality, trust, and Spokane's gay community anaging 380 employees and a $40 million budget, Anne Kirkpatrick will complete her first year on the job as City of Spokane's Chief of Police on September 11, 2007. From a queer point of view, how is she doing? In a frank but cordial conversation, Chief Kirkpatrick sat down with Q View publisher Mike Schultz on August 23rd to discuss some questions posed by members of Spokane's gay and lesbian community. In a charming southern drawl punctuated with sharp responses, Chief Kirkpatrick illuminates what she thinks, feels, and knows about Spokane's gay and lesbian community. Edited Transcript Q View: Perhaps I can start with the sixty-four thousand dollar question. Do you think sexual orientation is a choice? Chief Kirkpatrick: I think people are born into their orientation. How a person acts on their orientation is choice. Whether a person is sexually active or not is choice. Q View: With whom do you consult in the community for gay and lesbian issues or information? Chief Kirkpatrick: Not in this community, but I have some dear friends who are lesbians who I would consult whom I've known for years that if I had a question, they would be the people I would call. And she's the Chief of Police of the University of California on the Davis Campus. I've known her and her partner. Wonderful ladies. So they would be the ladies I probably call the most for counsel. Q View: You mentioned that you've visited [Spokane] for 20 years off and on? Chief Kirkpatrick: I have! Q View: And you moved here a year ago? Chief Kirkpatrick: About a year ago. Q View: Have you had a chance to participate or attend any of the gay pride festivities? Chief Kirkpatrick: No. I met members of the gay community I was invited to meet with. It's a group, I don't know which one. They were wonderful. I met with them about six months ago. They were sweethearts to invite me to speak with them. I know they were participating in putting together the gay pride. Q View: OutSpokane? Chief Kirkpatrick: Yea! That's who it was. I'm sorry I can't remember everybody I meet, I meet so many people. That's who it was, OutSpokane. Aren't they the organizer of the gay pride committee? Q View: Yes. And on the subject of gay pride, would you be adverse to policemen or women marching [in the Pride Parade] in uniform? Chief Kirkpatrick: I'm really not in favor of that. And it's not because of the community itself, I am cautious about people using their uniform and this question comes up all the time: can I wear my uniform to speak at my child's kindergarten group? I am becoming a little more open to where and how the uniform is used. And the reason for that is I'm always being invited. Even today, Please see KIRKPATRICK page A Monthly News Magazine From a Queer Point of View Photo by Steve Rodenbough Digital enhancement by Mike Ellsworth Volume 1, Issue 1 M Meet Spokane's GLBT representative to the Spokane Police Department Photo courtesy of Ladd Smith Profiles Mike Schultz & Steven Sanford Page 6 Joyce Crosby Pacific Northwest LGBT History Water-Sitting Grizzly crossed many barriers, became Gone To The Spirits Page 3 Joan Opyr Auntie Establishment The Senator's Toilet Trouble: Don't Ask, Don't Tell Page 4 Kevin Naff Editorial Hollywood's Eternal Closet Page Spokane Q Calendar Page 9 Q Resource Directory Page 10 Photo by Steve Rodenbough Kirkpatrick previously served as Chief of Police for Federal Way, WA and Ellensburg, WA. She holds a law degree from Seattle University, a masters degree in counseling from the University of Memphis, and a bachelor's degree in business administration from King College. My name is Ladd Smith. I represent Spokane's GLBT community on the Spokane Police Department's Police Advisory Committee (PAC). This committee is comprised of people representing close to a dozen of Spokane's diverse community groups. Listed are a few of the responsibilities I have as a volunteer on this committee: Attend monthly meetings in which I receive trainings and pertinent information that have an effect on our community. Serve as a conduit to Chief Kirkpatrick by providing essential information regarding Spokane's GLBT citizens. Serve as an advocate to any GLBT Spokane resident that has a complaint, concern, or suggestion in which our community can be better served. To help GLBT community members navigate the various departments and programs within the Spokane Police Department. Should you have any questions, concerns or ideas regarding our police department, please feel free to contact me by phone at: 09-624-8668 or 09-38-397 or email: