Charity, Community and the Court: ISCS making a difference by Blair Tellers I t's the third inning of a charity softball game. The batter hits a pop fly to second and takes off towards first base. Her teammates cheer her on, yelling, "Run!'" Running, however, is no simple task. Not when you're wearing three-inch heels. Certain stereotypes accompany the word "Drag Queen"--like "campy," for example. Are Drag Queens campy? To some. Are they gaudy? Well, that's half the fun. Are they beautiful? Some would say no. Others would say drag queens look more flawless than your average woman. Stereotypes have a tendency to define, and at times hinder people from seeing the bigger picture. The Drag Queens of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Spokane have attitude. They have sass. And they also work their royal asses off to benefit the community of Spokane. When an Empress struts her stuff during a fundraiser at Dempsey's, lip-sinking to a re-mixed version of Rhianna's "Please Don't Stop the Music," it's more than a good time spent with good friends. It's one more scholarship. It's another food basket. It's the ability to assist a struggling individual with pastdue bills. Megan from Canada performs in the Out Of Town show at Dempseys Brass Rail Friday night, October 10th. The show is among various events traditionally encompassing the annual ISCS Coronation. Photo by Dr. D. & Miss T. 8 | November 2008 | Q View Northwest - Spokane Edition |