herbivore tales from an by Jordy Byrd photo by Steve Rodenbough Coming Out as a Vegetarian take this affair lightly, but that my friends, is a misconception. I take this very seriously, and see the event as a poignant shift in my life. It's amazing how the passage of time solidifies things not only amongst others, but most importantly to ourselves. The passing of time lets us know we are capable, persistent beings. It lets me know that I am here. I am here regardless of how insignificant I feel when compared to the problems my environment, my country and my community faces. I know that I am here because the time I have is mine. It is what I make of it, and as of three hundred and sixty five days ago, I feel like I've done a damn good job with what I've got. _____________________________ Jordy Byrd received her B.A. in Journalism from Washington State University, and is now in Spokane enjoying long seasons, good friends and family. T hree hundred and sixty five days. It seems surreal that time has passed so quickly. Just this time last year I was an omnivore, gobbling up any suspecting chickens in my path. Now, those chickens are forever in my closet (you may have skeletons in your closet, I have chickens). February officially marks my one year anniversary for becoming a vegetarian, and let me tell you. It feels great. I no longer belong to the "weekend community of vegetarians," who, when faced with alcohol are in the Jack in the Box drive through faster than you can say Jumbo Jack Cheeseburger. I actually knew a girl like this. I'm full fledge baby. The real deal. I realize this may sound strange if you yourself are not a vegetarian. But believe me. Just like any other subculture there are stigmas and stereotypes that penetrate far beyond, and deep into the walls of the vegetarian community. To put it another way, I'm off the fence. So I'm not a purist, and at one point in my life I ate meat. So, what better way to celebrate my anniversary than with a coming out party? I'm coming out as proud, experienced, and unapologetic vegetarian. Isn't it wonderful how these homosexual innuendos illustrate my point? I thought it was clever at least. Nevertheless, my coming out party will be the perfect place to share a special moment with both my friends and family. Two groups, who both maintain balance and struggle within my life. I figure all will be fine if the red wine keeps flowing. Even for the poor omnivores, as this will be a completely meatless affair (It's my party). Now it may sound as though I | February 2009 | Q View Northwest - Spokane Edition | www.qviewnorthwest.com