k.d. lang's got a soft spot for Spokane An interview with k.d. lang by Joan Opyr I have followed k. d. lang's career ever since she wore hand-me-down suits from Hank Snow's trash can and cut her own hair with dull scissors. I've bought every album she's ever released, every single, every duet, every soundtrack. When she came out in 1992, I was ecstatic. At 25, I'd been hovering in the doorway of my own closet for far too long, but thanks to a new relationship ­ fueled in part by lang's brilliant and beautiful Ingénue ­ I came out and I stayed out. I am most definitely a fan. It's not that I idolize k. d. lang. I am simply in awe. What a voice, what a woman . . . what to do when my publisher, Mike Schultz, says that he's arranged for me to interview her? Sit down, get my pencil out, and try not to choke, faint, or drop the phone because, oh my God, it's k. d. lang calling. Joan? Ms. lang? kd lang continued on page 14 | March 2009 | Q View Northwest - Spokane Edition | www.qviewnorthwest.com