Jordy's favorite Spokane veggie hangouts: M y newest and most favorite veggie hangout is Bennidito's Pizza. Their Six Cheese Pizza with whole milk mozzarella, feta, ricotta, fontina, Parmesan and Romano cheese over sauce and spices is to die for. herbivore tales from an Some of my other favorites: Huckleberry's 9th Street Bistro: Delicious vegetarian food and huge servings. I would recommend any veggie soup, salad, omelet, or sandwich. One World Spokane: Locally grown, organic food, and a seasonal menu. Need I say more. This place and their mission is fabulous. Mizuna: Vegetarian fine dining. Pricey but good food and colorful entrees. Taste of India: Delicious curry, mild, medium and spicy veggie dishes. Their veggie list is extensive and I've tried them all! Latah Bistro: Fine dining, good wine, delicious salads. Luna: Slightly upscale dining in a more relaxed atmosphere. The Vietnamese Tofu Bun is delicious. Soulful Soups: Best soup and bread bowls in town. Veggies options the likes of Tomato Bisque, Brazilian Black Bean, Cheesy Broccoli and Lentil. Picabu Neighborhood Bistro: Cute place, good food. Try the Thai Spinach Pasta Salad with Small Planet Tofu. Brooklyn Deli: Try any number of their veggie sandwich options (all drenched in sunflower seeds) or make your own. The grilled cheese is delicious. Azteca: Aside from a lengthly veggie menu what I like about this place is that most dishes can substitute beans for meat. I find that on my happiest days, I'm a megalomaniac. When the sun shines directly on my face, and the earth's axis tilts in just my direction, I'm content. The pathological egotists my parents, my friends, and my culture has nurtured over these last twentytwo years is...undeniably selfish. As Americans, this ideal of individualism manifests into all aspects of life. Because of this, I can say without shame that yes, being a vegetarian makes me unique, and yes I thrive in being my own, special snowflake (did your parents feed you that line too?) Although I understand the detrimental affects this philosophy does, and will continue to have on my life, I don't plan on changing anytime soon. Plus, I give myself extra points for at least acknowledging that I embrace this lifestyle. That being said, let's get on with the show. I love to make myself happy and I'm worth it. I'm capable of being a pretty fabulous person when I want to be. You are too, I'm sure of it. It's just, most days we don't' give ourselves enough credit. For instance, I love going out to eat. Letting someone else burn their fingertips and make a mess in their kitchen gives me great joy when I return home with non-scolded fingers to a slightly cleaner house. The only problem (aside from expensive food) is that being a vegetarian means there are few restaurants that cater to my palate. By and large, many restaurants offer no vegetarian dishes. Everything from their appetizers, to entrees and even soups and salads are meat saturated. On my worst days the second my eyes hit the menu I turn into a crying, spoiled child. I'm simply hungry. So why, might I ask, does no one want to feed me? I'm not asking for a complete restaurant revolution. I'm asking restaurants to at least be veggie conscious, and at most be veggie friendly. Finally, for all you meat maniacs out there, don't take your restaurant food for granted. You need it. Plus, it's delicious. Jordy Byrd received her B.A. in Journalism from Washington State University, and is now in Spokane enjoying long seasons, good friends and family. | Q View Northwest - Spokane Edition | April 2009 |