Gina Marie Young "Self-acceptance is vital to gaining tolerance and respect from others. Know who you are, whether you're transgender or anything else in life." by Erika Prins Transgender profiles: T his woman knows what she wants. Today, it's a doubleshot caramel macchiato and the quietest table in the coffee shop. Last May, it was coming to work as her "true self"--a woman. Being, by appearances, a man at the time, doing so was not as simple as sliding on a pair of pumps in the morning and strolling into the office. Many of Gina Marie Young's close friends told her Spokane was not the place to go through a gender transition. She believed them, but says she was mistaken. "I was really surprised that I was wrong. I was happy that I was wrong," she says. "I've lived here all my life and it's home." She received overwhelming support from many coworkers and friends as she transitioned--more than she expected. photo by Steve Rodenbough GINA continued on page 18 | Q View Northwest - Spokane Edition | April 2009 |