LGBTQA Youth "Conference for Hope" Schedule and Workshop Descriptions postion across witht an argument? We will be looking at methods and strategies to use when we are having conflicting postitions. Bedroom Etiquett - Emily Christensen From the big screen to the bedroom. What can we learn about intimacy from pop culture? An examination of sexual relationships--the good, the bad...and the ugly--that are in the limelight of popular news media and a discussion of how those fictitious romantic (or repulsive) encounters shape our reality with our own partners. 2:30 - 3:00pm - Break 3:00pm -4:00pm (Choose One Workshop) Relationships with Others They say, "the buck stops here." The experts in the country say all relationships are created inside of us. Let us, together, take a look at our relationships with others and learn what we can do to make those relationships good from the beginning. How to Have a Relationship - Heather Dazell Why does it seem to be so hard at times to have a meaningful relationship? In this workshop, we will learn the steps to creating good relationships that can last a lifetime. Spiritual Connectedness - Marj Johnston Yes! You CAN be gay and spiritual! You are created in the image of the Holy One, and you are created for a purpose. Maybe it's to teach others how to love without conditions. Stress Management - Francie Light Stress is a part of our existence as human beings. In this workshop we will create a definition for human stress and learn some interactive tools for dealing with the personal stresses of our lives. 4:00pm - 5:30pm - ART/BOOTH/PLAY 5:30pm -7:00pm - Dinner 7:00pm - 8:00pm - Drag Show/Competition 8:00pm - 11:00pm - Dance The Bible and Homosexuality. The Bible is not an excuse to hate people, so do we read scripture in light of the reconciling words of Jesus? 2:00 -3:00pm - Celebrating your LGBTQ Child - Helen Bonsor This workshop for parents will explore the coming out process - for both parents and their LGBTQ children. In our time together we will talk about the facts of sexual orientation and gender, as opposed to the myths and stereotypes with which we were raised. Together we will look at acceptance and moving beyond acceptance to activism and celebration. 3:00 -5:00pm - Bullying and Harassment in Schools - Tracy Flynn M.ED. Parents and teachers will come together in this workshop to learn strategies for ensuring the safety and inclusion of LGBTQ youth and knowing school related law and policy regarding LGBTQ youth issues. For up to date info or to register call (509) 325-3637 or visit Odyssey Youth Center online at EDUCATOR TRACK - WORKSHOPS Presented by The Safe Schools Coalition - Tracy Flynn M.ED. 9:30 -10:45am - Addressing LGBTQ Issues in Schools Critically examine the rationale for addressing LGBTQissues in school, understanding sexual and gender identity development,and the terminology of sexual diversity. 10:45am - Noon - Establishing a Supportive School Climate Learn innovative tactics for establishing a school climate to ensure the success of LGBTQ youth, and how to work with LGBTQ families. Noon - 1:00pm - Lunch 1:00 - 2:00pm - Issues Faced by LGBTQ Youth Explore the specific physical and mental issues LGBTQ youth face. 2:00pm - 3:00pm - Answering Student Questions Learn strategies and language for answering student's questions about LGBTQ issues. 3:00 -5:00pm - Bullying and Harassment in Schools Teachers and parents will come together in this workshop to learn strategies for ensuring the safety and inclusion of LGBTQ youth and knowing school related law and policy regarding LGBTQ youth issues. SUNDAY - JULY 9:00 - 10:00 am - Breakfast 10:00 - 11:00am - Segments of the LGBTQ Community 11:00am - 1:00pm - Group Activities & Lunch 1:00 - 2:00pm - Closing Ceremony & Kick-Off for Next Year Fri 24 - Sun 26 FRIDAY - JULY 5pm - YOUTH ONLY registration (adult registration is on Saturday at 8am). 6pm - Supper 7pm - Welcome - Caitlyn Ryan - Youth Voice SATURDAY - JULY 8am - ADULT REGISTRATION 8:30 - 9am - Breakfast (Everyone) 9:00 - 9:30 - Welcome - Caitlin Ryan (Everyone) **Participants go to separate workshops after the welcome** YOUTH TRACK - WORKSHOPS 9:30am - Noon - Relationships - An Overview - Andrea Fallenstein There isn't a moment in our lives where we are not in relationship with someone or our very self. We will be exploring the different units of relationships we pass through in our individual life time and the choices we have in how much involvement we choose. Noon - 1pm - Lunch 1pm - 2:30pm (Choose One Workshop) Healthy Self-Exploration - Wendi Biondi Who do you think I am? Who do my parents think I am? we will look at the different aspects of self, and what choices we have in developing the "self" we want to be. Communication Boundaries - Heather Robinson How do we fight fair? How do we get our PARENT TRACK - WORKSHOPS 9:30am - Noon Keynote Speaker Caitlyn Ryan - Parents With Gay Children An extensive study, The Family Acceptance Project, has been completed and published, giving us information on how the life of a gay child, all the way into adulthood, is often determined by the relationship that child has with his/her parents. Caitlyn Ryan is the Project Director of this study and has come to share her wealth of knowledge and experience about parent-child relationships. For more info on this groundbreaking study, visit The Family Acceptance Project website. Noon - 1:00pm - Lunch 1:00 -2:00pm - Religion and Homosexuality - Marj Johnston | Q View Northwest - Spokane Edition | July 2009 |