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Blair Tellers is a recent graduate of Whitworth University with a BA in English Writing and Journalism. She embarks on a mission to prove that not all writers are starving. She hails from Cambria, CA, and enjoys surfing, hanging out with her guinea pig, reading poetry and learning as much as she can from everyone she meets.

Q View Northwest Articles
Issue / Date Title
June 2009 Jerry Halliday: Look Who’s Talking Now!
March 2009 Giving Back At SAN’s Oscar Gala
February 2009 Feeling The Beat: The Giant Ass Drum Corps
December 2008 "Oy Vey! My Son Is Gay!" On the set with filmmaker Efgeny Afineevsky
December 2008 The French Quarter
November 2008 Charity, Community and the Court: ISCS making a difference
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