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Joan Opyr is a gigantic crank. Her life is frequently weird, and she enjoys writing and talking about that. She’s a transplanted Southerner who dreams of golden beaches, sweet iced tea, and sunny skies. She believes that Eva Cassidy should be beatified. Oh, and she’s an award-winning novelist.

Q View Northwest Articles
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June 2009

Queer Goggles: Old People are Fascinating!

May 2009

Artist Tiffany Patterson: Girls and Monsters

April 2009

Thursday Night Promenade: Spinning the Tunes with Queer Sounds

April 2009

Queer Goggles: Music Defense System

March 2009

k.d. lang’s Got A Soft Spot For Spokane : An Interview With k.d. lang

February 2009

Queer Goggles: Christ On A Cracker!

January 2009

Gail Mackie Loves Animals

January 2009

Queer Goggles: My Inbred Home for the Holidays

January 2009

Rick Warren at the Inauguration: Why?

December 2008 World AIDS Day 1988-2008
December 2008 Queer Goggles
September 2007 Auntie Establishment: The Senator's Toilet Trouble: Don't Ask, Don't Tell
September 2007 Profiles: Mike Schultz & Steven Sanford | Finding fun, balance, and each other



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